What Type Of Matters Do I Submit To RSD?

Claim for Damages:

  • A Request for reimbursement for damages (e.g., vehicle damage or personal injury claim).

Fair Housing Request or Claim:

  • A request for reasonable accommodation of the policies (e.g., a closer parking space).
  • A request for reasonable modification of premises (e.g., installation of a grab bar in the bathroom).
  • A claim of discrimination (e.g., denial of housing).

How Do I Submit A New Matter?

  • Complete the new matter online form and press submit. Within 24 hours, except weekends and holidays, you will receive an acknowledgement letter with further instructions via email.

How Long Does The Process Take?

  • You should receive confirmation of receipt of your matter within 24 hours via email. Depending on the type of matter, we may request additional information or documents. Upon receipt of these items, our office will complete our evaluation and provide a written evaluation in a timely manner.

What If I Do Not Have  An Email Address?

  • You may submit the information in the new matter online form by mail or via facsimile as follows:

Resident Services Department

P.O. Box 400547

Las Vegas, NV 89140

Facsimile:  (323) 938-9736

Please note that the online submission is the fastest means for

completing the evaluation process.